A group of men and women 12 in size were given a special task utilizing new-found weapons and tactics from the battle of hope to complete said task this battle-group was to be sent in on a mission to deeply infested territory in Africa. once there they would be airdropped roughly 600 meters from what the military designated as hives for the undead. what makes this task so unlike the others you ask ? it was the fact that this was one of the larger hives which contained some of the most mutated and vicious results of the plague creatures so deadly that very few have lived to tell of their existence. it was supposed to be a get in deploy the bomb and get out op however things went horribly wrong intel was off (as per the usual) a massive herd of over a million undead had amassed at the site. six of the team mates were killed by creatures that have been designated as "redacted" the other six tried to run to the evac point but only two made it. The whereabouts of the other four remain unkown. 

other noteworthy events Edit

2014-Uav drones patrolling the site of the hive notice gunfire appearing from four locations within the herd

2014-one uav is shot down

2014-top brass decides to order a satellite

to get a clearer image of the four targets

2015-enhanced images show mutilated/mutated variants of the four squad members who went MIA

2015-A new operation begins planning

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