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Shortly after the battle for hope UAV drones across the globe began seeing massive herds of the undead congregating around certain structures. soon afterwards the military began to prepare its response for once in awhile they were going to go on the offensive. A large Battle-group consisting of 2,000 men and women along with various offensive defensive and support vehicles were sent to one of the "hives" in Africa located deep in infected territory This one seemed to be larger than the others but at the time it seemed to make little difference to the 2,000 soldiers who had new found tactics, weapons, gear and most importantly morale from their previous victory at Hope. The attack began at around 2:30 AM on Jan 31st 2014 with and opening barrage of experimental high yield artillery specially designed to entirely disintegrate all targets within the blast radius much rather than leaving undead torsos and bodies that are still combat effective. The barrages continued for hours Decimating the enemy forces combined with the constant bombing runs provided by an aircraft carrier anchored nearby eventually the herd around the structure was entirely obliterated. The 2,000 infantry readied themselves to enter the building all 2,000 approached cautiously entering the structure at five different points of entry what they saw as they entered very few lived to tell but those that did live were mentally scarred by the horrors they had witnessed telling stories of horribly disfigured creatures with faces resembling that of a human moving at very quick speeds one soldier that lived said "you could compare them with necromorphs and they'd still look uglier"

out of the 2,000 that entered only 200 came out alive and only 100 made it out of Africa

The vehicles and moving corpses of those that fought there along with the occasional "walking atrocity" venturing out for food stand as a monument of our failure there yet again we found ourselves under equipped and utterly morale less

Twenty years later the United coalition of earths governments commenced a secondary strike on the location being sure to pull out all the stops on this offensive. This time 10,000 men and women were sent along with three aircraft carriers for support. The second battle began at 2:30 AM on March 20th 2034 all ten thousand soldiers rushed in after the opening volley of high yield artillery and bombing runs had finished but slowed down as they saw "fellow" soldiers standing outside. Within moments the "fellow soldiers" began to open fire advancing like "terminators" as one soldier said killing a good thousand of the strike force due to surprise the remaining 9,000 dug in and quickly eliminated the undead soldiers. The strike force began to enter the structure each soldier trying to convince him or herself that what they would all see would not break them. They all valiantly stormed in yelling and shouting and doing their best to keep from being afraid instead however they became confused the place was like a ghost town nothing undead was in sight the force began clearing out the building. once most of them were in the middle undead began pouring out of the walls mutated and otherwise all the artillery groups could hear in the distance were shrieks and screams both human and otherwise piercing the night. Finally all felt silent and the order was given to clear away from the site only the artillery crews had survived. The order was given on Jan 31st 2035 that all the hive locations were to be targeted by ion cannons in orbit. many civilians were infuriated that the military did not do this sooner. The presidents response was "we were trying to capture and study the advanced forms of the virus so we could find a cure or a "killswitch"

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