I have no idea how long it's been since this all started, it feels like it's been 4 years. I thought I'd write these series of notes for anyone who happens to forget how to survive this wasteland of death and destruction.

I'm a scavenger, I prefer to stay out of combat because in this world it's believed that only the strongest will survive and breed the next generation to beat this thing. The only thing wrong with that idea is that zombies outnumber us a million to one and can starve us out of hiding. However sometimes fate just isn't on our side and fortune favours the zombies.

Have you ever heard of the town called Tick Tock?, apparently that place was were the zombies originated and the government initially decided to quarantine the area but the numbers kept growing and they decided to send a nuke to the area to wipe out the zombies before they could break the quarantine. They sent one nuke but it didn't detonate for some reason, nobody knew why they only sent one bomb but my guess is that they realised how the zombies spread and how big this actually was.

I find it best to avoid the towns I prefer my own company and plus, people believe that since they carry the biggest gun then their opinion should be the loudest. I've had plenty of trouble with wandering psychopaths and I don't need someone pointing a gun at me because I accidently stepped on their toes.

I have to go now, I hear something coming and I should head to the Tiangong ruins before they follow me there.

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