Some fictional weapons are thought or known to be good to use against zombies. Fiction such as feature films and video games. Fictional weapons can be lasers, future military, and much more.

Video Game WeaponsEdit

Ray Gun (Call of Duty)Edit

In Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, players can wield this weapon by obtaining it from the Mystery Box. This weapon is very effective due to the splash damage (though there is a perk that protects the wielder from this). The weapon fires green balls of energy (red when augmented with Pack a Punch). A new version of the Ray Gun appears in Black Ops II. The player can't have both versions at once. In fact, they forcibly swap between Mark II and the original.


In Call of Duty: Black Ops, this weapon is obtained via Mystery Box. This weapon forces targets out of the wielder's way, making them safe from the zombies. In gameplay, the player can use this weapon if they are surrounded and no gun can kill them all.

Death MachineEdit

Essentially the M134 minigun. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, players can wield this weapon in Campaign, MP, and Zombies. In Zombies mode, this weapon is indicated by flying bullets. The player wields this weapon briefly when they pick it up.

Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

The plasma cutter is a weapon featured in the Dead Space series, it fires superheated matter, in a zombie outbreak/apocalypse one should aim for the neck and just stomp the G`s brains out.

Forerunner WeaponsEdit

In Halo, the Forerunners designed their weapons for destroying organic matter (e.g. The Flood, who they were up against). The Forerunner weapons that appear in the games are the Sentinel Beam, the Boltshot, the Suppressor, the Light Rifle, the Binary Rifle (which makes targets disentigrate), the Scattershot, the Pulse Grenade, and the Incineration Cannon. Most of these weapons are quite effective against Flood.

Covenant WeaponsEdit

In Halo 2 and Halo 3, the Covenant Sword is very effective against the Flood, since the battery does not drain as quickly as when fighting normal characters.

The Covenant Plasma Rifle is not ideal in gameplay, but in books it can burn through flesh.

The Plasma Pistol can instantly kill an organism if you use the charged bolt.

The Needler has a supercombine ability. This means multiple shards in a flesh target will induce an explosion.

The T51 Carbine. With this weapon, you'd want to hit them in the head.

The Beam Rifle, since uses particle beam energy, may be useful against real zombies.

BFG (Quake / Doom)Edit

In the games Quake and Doom, the Big Fucking Gun is known for its ability to wipe out enemy forces in one blast. In Universal Pictures' Doom, the BFG resembles the Wraith from the Halo series (specifically the mounted plasma mortar).

Lollipop ChainsawEdit

The playable character is a high school cheerleader named Juliet. This girl uses a chainsaw to fight zombies. She also uses this to save her boyfriend from the virus.

Destroy All HumansEdit

An installment in this game series (specifically Big Willy Unleashed) includes a weapon that turns people into zombies.

UNSC WeaponsEdit

The MA5 rifles are used against Flood in the Halo games. Although, Marines (since they're human) are easily infected. Sgt. Avery Johnson uses the Galilean (Spartan Laser) against Flood at the end of Halo 3. The Warthog's minigun turret, along with the vehicle itself, is good for CTF, so why not against the undead. Some real life vehicles resemble the Warthog (e.g. Jeep Survivor).

Once in the series Arby n the Chief, the Master Chief uses the sheer power of the Spartan Laser to crash an in-game wedding.

The ODSTs use an SMG with a silencer and red dot sight attached.

Spartans, in Halo Wars, tend to dual-wield SMGs.

Movie WeaponsEdit

Doom (Universal Pictures)

In Doom (2005 science fiction horror film), Dwayne Johnson's character, Sarge, wields the BFG. Though it is different from the game. He fires it twice on-screen in the film. Once he presumably gets a kill with it. Later (he's infected), he fires at a fellow soldier (who empties his weapon as well). They fight each other: Sarge loses and mutates.

Star WarsEdit

The Lightsaber can be used against zombies. The blade can easily dislodge one's body parts. Be careful or you'll dislodge your own hand/arm.

Blasters may also be effective, since they utilize particle beam energy.

Star TrekEdit

The phasers have three modes of attack: Stun, Kill, and Disintigrate. Kill mode will instantly kill a target. 

Klingon Bat'leth are potentially a real weapon (what are sold are almost all flimsy non-weapon props) but created in actual steel one would end up with a heavy, clumsy, hard-to-control cutting weapon that has a fair-to-excellent change of flipping out of the user's grip with one committed swing

Starship TroopersEdit

The SICON forces wield a bullpup assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher.


In the film The Wolverine, Silver Samurai uses a sword that can be superheated in order to cut through most materials.

G.I. JoeEdit

In the 2009 film, The Joe team has cybernetic armor suits (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit).

Men In BlackEdit

The titular faction uses various directed energy weapons.


  • Call of Duty's Ray Gun
  • Thundergun
  • Call of Duty's Zap Gun
  • Halo's Energy Sword
  • Plasma Repeater
  • UNSC Weapons
  • Quake's Blaster
  • Lightsaber
  • Spartan Laser
  • Sentinel Beam
  • Phaser (Star Trek)
  • Force Lightning
  • Ray Gun Mark II
  • Covenant Plasma Rifle
  • Blasters (Star Wars)
  • M41A Rifle
  • BFG
  • Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

Trivia Edit

  • Zombies appear in the original Quake. Dying by them gets you a message saying "*player name* joins the zombies".
  • There is concept art depicting pretty much any literature character as undead.
  • The Skywalking Dead is a parody of AMC's The Walking Dead, albeit with Star Wars characters.

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