A average fishing trawler.

Fishing trawlers are boats designed to catch fish. They can serve as a long term base in a zombie outbreak.


  • The crew should be safe from zombies, as most zombies don't have the ability to swim.
  • Large storage of food, and when that runs out there is the option to fish.
  • Most fishing trawlers have desalinization equipment for fresh water.
  • Fishing trawlers usually contain huge fuel reserves for long trips.
  • They are built to spend long periods of time at sea and are able to withstand harsh weather.
  • They have cabins that can accommodate small groups.


  • Pirates may attack the fishing trawler.
  • Inexperienced users may suffer sea sickness and sunburns.
  • The weather at sea is quite often harsh and unpredictable.
  • Some fishing trawlers do not come equipped with water purifiers, in which case lack of clean drinking water will be a problem.

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