Flight 575 was the name of a flight from Asia to European or American areas before World War Z, before the first major Cape Town outbreak that led to the virus, Solanum, being called 'African Rabies' or before most people knew what was going on. It is also the name of one of the largest air disasters, like 9/11, and most likely the largest caused by Solanum. It is unclear what exactly happened. However, it is easily inferred that the air disaster first started with 'shetou', the Chinese word for smuggler, or, literally translated, "snake head", as they smuggled 'renshe', the Chinese word for refugees, or, literally translated, "human snake". These 'shetou' had been smuggling 'renshe' from China to European or American areas. Despite the 'shetou' having a golden rule that the only way a 'renshe' could make it past foreign immigration officials was to make it past them first, quite a number of infected refugees still travelled by air. However, Flight 575 had an exceptionally high number of infected travelling from China to American or European countries. Flight 575 still became the worse air disaster involving Solanum. It led to tighter restrictions in certain countries to ensure that no infected could board a plane and cause another Flight 575.

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