Food is vital to live. Even the otherwise perfect survival plan or base can turn catastrophic if it comes to food shortage.

Getting FoodEdit


A dangerous method, but common. Scavenging is preferred to Raiding, but less reliable than other alternatives.


One of the largest steps in the history of mankind was agriculture. Providing steady food source it was one of the most important steps towards civilization. Of course, farming requires additional water, and that will mean that wherever a base is, there will be needed a renewable source of water.


Animals can provide a good food source. Animals have the adavantage over most crops that they can walk, but must be fed, somewhat defeating the purpose but with this you can keep your livestock close to base a safe And better alternative than hunting.

Hunting and fishingEdit

Where wildlife is plenty it can be a good food source. Still it should not be relied on and it should never be a group's main food source.


Raiding is a very dangerous method. Raiding will require you to possibly fight another group, and casulaties will be certain.

Managing the foodEdit


Perishables should be avoided after 2 days into the apocalypse. In the first two days, eat the perishables first, you want to save the other food for later.

Renewable Food SourceEdit

This is the food that you have accumulated by farming, hunting or fishing and generally will not keep for long. This should hopefully be your staple food source.


This is the food that will never grow old, and this should be in your emergency food supply. Never eat your non-perishable food unless you are out of your self-grown food. Also, when you go scavenging, only take the non-perishable food, the perishables are most likely have gone bad.

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