A Garrote is a lethal weapon intended to asphyxiate a person. The weapon can also cause considerable laceration around the throat if it is metal. Improvised versions can be made out of any sturdy material that can wrap around one's neck. The weapon is not recommended against zombies, as they do not rely on their throat or breathing, therefore, they cannot be strangled. However, A skilled Garrote user could with sufficient brawn could use the weapon to steer one single zombie where he wanted fairly effectively. The need for such an act would be quite rare, of course. One effective way to use a Garrote is to strangle a zombie with one made of piano wire. This prevents it from moaning and alerting others and with enough force, the wire can cut through the neck and spine and decapitate it, leaving the zombie a much less lethal head snapping from the ground. Garrotes are excellent stealth weapons against bandits or other survivors.

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