The gas mask is a specialized piece of equipment used to protect the user from chemical and/or biological contaminants. Used by armed forces since World War I, they have been used in various military conflicts around the globe.
200px-M40 gasmask

M40 Field Protective Mask


Since the zombie virus is spread through fluid contact, they cannot stop the infection since it is not airborne. While gas masks may provide some protection from bites to the face and infectious fluids touching the face, they are not recommended for use in most combat scenarios, as they restrict visibility, movement, and breathing. Gas masks become useful in certain conditions, such as when chemical agents are present (possibly due to accident or as part of a military attack or even survivor weaponry/traps), when coming into contact with fermenting organic material (dead bodies, rotting food, etc.), or the smoke from burning buildings. It should also be noted that gas masks filter air, and will not stop carbon monoxide poisoning. They will be rare after an outbreak, so it may be extremely hard to find one. They can be bought online (which may not be an option if the apocalypse is severe) or through many surplus goods stores. Once Gas Masks are obtained before or during a zombie apocalypse, they should always be kept with them such as strapped to a backpack or clothing in case of any of the above mentioned unexpected airborne contaminants, they could save your life in a pinch.


  • Gas masks are best for situations involving chemical or nuclear zombies (zombies of science), though smoke from fires, riot control such as tear gas and even survivor chemical gas weaponry is not unheard of.

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