A hangar is a large warehouse, essentially, used to store blimps, airplanes, and helicopters. Hangars can provide decent shelter and supplies for small/medium groups of survivors


  • Hangars usually have heavy steel doors that can be opened or closed manually.
  • Hangars are usually built in wide, open spaces, so it can be easier to find them or to watch for zombies while in one.
  • Hangar
    Aircraft inside hangars have resources, such as fire extingushers, radios, electronics, and upholstery that could be used for bedding.
  • If the aircraft is large enough,It can even be used as a shelter.
  • Hangar roofs are large, and so they could be used to get large amounts of rainwater or for substantial gardens.
  • Hangars always are connected to runways, so if a survivor knows how to pilot an aircraft,it can become a asset.
  • The buildings are not that high on the list of buildings to raid.

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