Harry Cooper (portrayed by Karl Hardman in the 1968 version and Tom Towles in the 1990 remake) is a character in Night of the Living Dead.

Harry Cooper in the original Night of the Living Dead

Biography Edit


Harry in the 1990 remake.

Harry Cooper was a man who was intensely angry at the world and things never went his way. He was a coward, and was accustomed to bullying people to get what he wanted. In spite of these flaws, good native instincts made him a survivor, letting him figure his way out of a crisis. However, he always made sure someone else took the fall. When Harry and his family were first attacked on the road by people who seemed to be insane or in a trance, his instinctive cowardice served them at first, although his daughter was bitten by one of the assailants. Rather than stay and fight, he led the family to comparative safety in the cellar of an abandoned farmhouse. There, they met some other survivors hiding there. Cooper made sure the others didn't open the door when they heard noises upstairs and the sound of a girl screaming. It was taking a chance with his daughter's life. When Harry and Tom finally went upstairs to investigate, Ben was determined to take the cellar domination from Harry and not let him have his way. Harry eventually realized that his foolishness would get everyone killed, and tried to resist helping until even his own wife turned on him. When the escape attempt went awry and Ben became violent towards him, Harry's worst fears were confirmed and he resolted to get ahold of the gun himself and take power in their little sanctuary.

Trivia Edit

  • Harry Cooper's daughter is one of the most famous Night of the Living Dead characters.

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