Heavy machine guns are designed to provide an increased degree of range, penetration and destructive power against vehicles, buildings, aircraft and light fortifications over the standard rifle calibers used in lighter machine guns. They are usually fired from heavy mounts in static defenses or on vehicles. The Browning M2 "fifty-cal" is an example of a heavy machine gun.

Tactical usesEdit


  • The larger rounds are very good for penetrating thick materials.
  • Because of the fact that the large majority of heavy machine guns are mounted, their recoil is easier to control.
  • Larger rounds also give a much higher chance of kill shots against humans (but not zombies - heavy machine guns are not designed for headshots).


  • Heavy machine guns are not man-portable.
  • Goes through precious ammunition very quickly.
  • Ammunition is rare 
  • Only dismember zombies if not shot in the head
  • Noise can attract zombies.

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