Abscesses: Eat raw garlic, garlic compress, or make fenugreek seed poultice.

Anxiety:Lavender essential oil compress on forehead/temples.

Arthritis: Juniper, willow bark, or celery seed Infusion or tincture

Asthma: Few drops eucalyptus oil on pillow for inhalant, burn sage to inhale, or make a steam inhalant with thyme leaves.

Burns: Rub the juice from aloe on it. Alternatively, honey can used on burns, apply on the afflicted area and wrap with some kind of plastic. Be sure on only have honey touching the afflicted area.

Canker sores: Make infusion of garlic or peppermint and use as mouthwash

Cuts/Scrapes: Aloe juice, chamomile compress, apply crushed parsley

Earaches: Pour olive oil on a spoon and heat it to warm. Pour into ear, then turn head to allow drainage.(removes trapped water/air from ear canal)

Fever: Ginger, lemon balm, or yarrow hot infusion

Flu: 6 fresh cloves of garlic a day. yarrow or echinacea infusion or tincture. A cup of pure lemon juice mixed with honey and hot water.

Insect bites: aloe gel or juice

Nausea: Ginger infusion. Or smell crushed mint leaves.

Pain Relief: Rub fresh cayenne on affected area

Rashes:Rub olive oil on, do not scratch

Sprains and strains:Thyme or arnica compress

Sunburns: Aloe juice

Toothaches: Garlic. olive oil, oregano oil, vanilla extract, grapefruit seed extract. Rub any on affected area. A paste made from honey, garlic, hot peppers/cayenne and salt can also be chewed on the toothache.

Ulcers:Raw garlic. Garlic has an antibiotic enzyme called allicin and is most potent raw.

Urinary/Kidney/bladder infection: Cranberry juice, capsules, or dried berries (raspberries,blueberries,blackberries,currants,etc). More garlic.

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