Hobo code is an informal system of symbols invented by migrant homeless workers (or hobos) for guidance. In the event of a outbreak, some symbols can be used to communicate with survivors about potential water and food sources, shelters, or threats.


Crude notes will also be common

Common Symbols

1 hobo-code

Hobo code markings

  • A cross represents that you will receive food if you talk about religious things.
  • A plus sign may stand for a doctor, medical supplies, or a larger relief effort.
  • An oval with lines inside represents that there is bread present in the area.
  • A cat signifies a kind woman.
  • A top hat signifies a kind man.
  • a top hat next to a triangle means that the people who live in the area are wealthy.
  • A triangle with a 'hand' on each side means the owner has a gun. Useful in a outbreak for marking potential raiders and LMOES (A survivor gone mad and overly aggressive towards other survivors, as if he is destined to be the Last Man On Earth).
  • Two W's linked together signifies a barking dog. Useful for marking feral animals and where animals gather.
  • A spearhead signifies to be prepared to defend yourself. Useful in the purpose that you know what you are getting into when you enter the area.
  • Three diagonal lines means an unsafe area. Very useful for marking potentional dangerous areas Z infested areas and raider and bandit camps, enter at your own risk.
  • A circle with two parallel arrows means to get out fast, becuase hobos or suvivors are not welcome or are unsafe in the area. This is useful for marking raiders and bandit camps or Z hordes.
  • Two interlocked humans signify handcuffs (example: hobos are hauled off to jail.) not useful becuase goverment collapse in a outbreak, although it could signify people being captured or abducted by bandits for trafficking.
  • A caduceus symbolizes a doctor lives in the area. Might be useful if the doctor is still present so he can treat your group's sick or wounded.

This symbol could also represent shelter, specifically a hardened one.

  • A square with a slanted 'roof' means shelter, or a fortification. These sometimes include a plus sign in the middle, as shown above, to signify healthcare inside. This could be a sign of friendly and inviting survivors, or possibly bandits posing as such. If the house has an X through it, this could be a sign the safe zone was compromised.
  • A cross with a smiley face with one corner means the doctor will treat for free. Very useful because you don't have to pay or trade for getting treated.
  • A wavy line or water drop above an X means that its a great place to camp and also has fresh water. Very useful for just stopping for awhile to get water and rest, but keep an eye out for Z's.

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