Managing any number of survivors that barely know each other (or perhaps do not know each other at all) can be quite a challenge to an inexperienced person. People whose past jobs were to help maintain the normal function of a group, such as teachers, politicians, and psychologists will most likely do a better job than plumbers, fast food workers, or artists, for example.

Managing a small group of survivors (2 to 10)Edit

Managing even a small group can prove to be a bit of a challenge to the average Joe. Small conflicts will arise, which, if carried out correctly, can be easily defused by a professional. With such a small group, an effective and bustling economy will not be able to be set in place until more survivors are present.

People will have to perform many different required tasks, such as scavenging for supplies and guarding the other survivors, just so that the group can stay alive, which may make tensions rise because of the increasing amount of stress that more than a few tasks can put on a person.

A notable downside of having a small group is that an internal outbreak would be more severe and the survivor(s) who are killed in any said outbreak would have to have their old jobs filled. This would create a more stressful situation to deal with.

Managing a medium group of survivors (10 to 25)Edit

Managing a medium group requires slightly more experience than the previous choice, but allows less work to be allocated to each individual survivor, and any survivors (which are killed or simply leave the group due to certain reasons) can be easily replaced or have his/her jobs allocated to other people.

Managing a large group of survivors (25+)Edit

Managing a large group can be quite hard without proper experience. Although, a large group of people can be a benefit as well, as each individual person will have to do little jobs at a time. However, if there a little jobs provided, a large amount of people can work at a time (to complete said activity), effectively multiplying effeciency, while significantly decreasing time required, allowing other projects to be completed.

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