Ice cream parlor
Ice cream parlors may be decent places to secure due to their small sizes and potential to be overlooked.


  • The ice cream, cakes, and other frozen delights within can be used as comfort food which will raise morale. Just don't eat too much, or you might gain weight.
  • If power is available, the freezers can be used for preserving any perishable food you have.
  • Ice cream parlors may be overlooked by bandits, seeing as how a parlor doesn't appear to have anything of use during an apocalypse.


  • Ice cream parlors tend to be located within major locations in cities, making them difficult to reach.
  • The frozen food will be lost if the power is down for too long.
  • Ice cream parlors tend to be small and can only house small groups of survivors.
  • Ice cream parlors tend to have only one floor, making escape difficult in the event of being surrounded.

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