If you want some good armour that will protect you from hundreds of zombie bites it may be hard to find. So you will need to make some.

Body Armor Edit

This is the largest part of you. You will need to protect it. Although zombies will normally try to bite your face, arms, legs and ankles they will still scratch your chest. So you need good armour. When making body armour try to make it on a long-sleeved shirt. By making it on a long-sleeved shirt you can add layers of material on top. Thick cloth and leather are the best. When attaching leather, use a mixture of staples, super glue, and thread. If you decide to use a shirt with buttons, make sure not to cover the buttons; you need them open to put the shirt on. When using thick cloths (can be found on the surface of some sofas) sow them on. Take your time and make sure it's smooth. Then secure shoulder pads. You can add accessoriess like knife holders, pistol holders, magazine holders and if you are using a bolt action rifle or a shotgun holders for single bullets. A police service belt is ideal, because it means you don't need to put attach pistol holder on and you get more ammunition.

Arms Edit

Wearing elbow pads are advisable, pockets can be attached to arms too.

Legs Edit

Wear thick trousers, steel-knee trousers are out there, although sturdy blue jeans may be easier to find. 

The conclusion Edit

Generally, covering up is the best way to go. Avoid loose clothing or clothing that offers handholds/things for zombies to grab hold of. Attaching leather, thick fabric and metal plates could save your life; it thickens your armour.

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