Ithaca M37

The Ithaca M37 is a a pump action shotgun. Developed in 1937 and still in production making it the longest production run for a pump-action shotgun in history. it was used widely in the Vietnam war for reliability, and for it being easy to use.

Use in the zombie world Edit

The Ithaca M37 (currently manufactured as the Browning BPM,) is one of the best pump action shotguns to use in the zombie world. It is very reliable, easy to use. The magazines of Ithaca M37 shotguns hold four to seven shells, depending on the specific model. Making it a godsend on long travels. Older models include a "slam feature", being able to hold down the trigger while pumping the slide back will fire the shells without ever letting go of the trigger. Another good thing is both the loading port and the ejection port are at the bottom of the receiver making the gun ambidextrous. However it has drawbacks, it's 12 gauge shells are big bulky and awkward to load. If you find one which there is a decent chance you will as it was made in large numbers. By all means take it, for as a close range weapon it will never let you down, as it was designed by John Moses Browning, designer of the M1917 Browning HMG, M2 Browning, BAR, Hi-Power, and the world renowned M1911.

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