JSLIST gear (Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology) is issued to US military personnel for wear as protection against some chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear hazards. The suit is not gastight, and is not waterproof. 



  • When the entire suit is worn, protects against limited exposure to some kinds of CBRN hazards
  • Hard for zombies to bite through


  • Heavy and restrictive when worn over normal clothing
  • Field mask prohibits normal shooting; shooter must learn a modified way of holding long guns
  • Requires replacement after contact with hazardous materials
  • Durable enough for infrequent wear; extended or frequent wear will necessitate fairly rapid replacement
  • Field mask limits usability of night optic devices, and can make aiming and firing from the prone extremely difficult
  • Incredibly hot clothing, even in cooler temparatures; traps heat and moisture to a significant degree, requiring increased periods of rest and hydration

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