Jim Thurmond is the main protagonist of both books The Rising and City of the Dead. He is on a quest to search for his son in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Personal LifeEdit

It is mentioned in The Rising that he had a wife named Tammy who left him and took his son in a divorce.He was only allowed to see him during holidays and the summer. During this he got drunk and had one night stands; he also lost his driving liscense due to drinking. Later on he met a woman named Carrie who he married and concived a child but tragicaly loses her to pnuemonia and both her and the unborn baby reanimate. He considers suicide until his son contacts him and makes it his life to find him alive.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Tammy- His first wife and mother of their son Danny. She is dead and becomes a zombie.

Danny- His 9 year old son and his main purpose in life.

Carrie- His 2nd wife who dies of pnuemonia and becomes a zombie.

Unborn Daughter- a baby who died in the womb and reanimates.

Thomas Martin- An African-American Preacher who helps him find Danny.

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