799px-Kar 98K - AM.033696
Manufacturer: Mauser
Weapon Type: Bolt-Action Rifle
Size: 94 cm (37 in)
Weight: 3.7 kg (8.2 lb.)-4.1 kg (9.0 lb.)
Fire Modes: Single-Action
Ammunition: 7.92×57mm Mauser
Feeding System: 5 Round Internal Magazine
Rate of Fire: None (Bolt-Action)
  • 300 m (Full Automatic)
  • 600 m (Semi-Automatic)
  • Affiliation(s): Germany

    The Kar98k ("Karabiner 1898 Kurz" or "Carbine 1898 Short") is a bolt-action rifle based on the design of the original Gewehr 98. During World War 1, the Gewehr 98 rifle became the preferred weapon of choice for Adolf Hitler. It was by the time he rose to power that a shorter variation was manufactured known as the Kar98k.

    It saw action from it's introduction in 1935 until the fall of Germany by 1945 and despite Germany's fall, other countries have come to praise the Kar98k on it's accuracy and effectiveness.


    A shorter version of the Gewehr 98, the Kar98k was a very powerful and accurate rifle. Featuring a wooden frame with all steel parts to work the rifle. Featuring a curved bolt, the weapon also came equipped with it's own safety as well as a 5 round internal magazine.

    The standard ammunition remained the 7.92mm Mauser which was a standard ammunition for German weaponry during World War 1 and World War 2 and used by various weapons. The rounds would be issued to troops in the form of stripper clips, but troops could also load each round individually as well.

    The weapon featured accurate iron sights, but some variations, particularly sniper variations came equipped with a ZF42 telescopic sight for more accurate shooting. For more silent shooting, the rifle also could be outfitted with a HUB-23 suppressor which was indeed removable.


    • Like all bolt-action rifles, the Kar98k is very good for killing zombies at long ranges.
    • It's shorter than the Gewehr 98, making it somewhat lighter and quicker to move with.


    • Scoped variations of the rifle will impair reload time as the shooter cannot use stripper clips with the scope blocking the ejection port. Reloading rounds individually may lead to the death of the shooter if attacked.
    • Despite it being shortened smaller than the Gewehr 98, the rifle might not be suitable for close-quarters fighting.

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