LMOE- Last Man on Earth, pronounced (La-Moe), was a term coined by the military and neighborhood security teams to describe survivalists who had managed to survive the war on their own (or in small groups no more than 3 people) for several years.  When LMOE's were finally "rescued" during the Battle of Hope and the Road to New York, U.S forces were greeted with varying demeanors.  Some were happy to see them, while others felt a sense of pride for making it this far on their own.  A small handful of LMOE's were hostile, usually deranged from isolation or malnourishment.  When possible these and all survivors found were sent to rehabilitation along with Quislings.  The United States had the highest amount of LMOE’s than any other territory, mostly found in the Southern and Mid-Western States due to the American’s obsession with firearms and survivalist mentality.

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