Lawn Mower

The standard push mower.

Lawnmowers are mechanical tools used to mow the lawn. The lawnmower made its famous appearance in the movie Dead Alive when Lionel mows down an entire horde of zombies.

There are two types of lawnmowers: the standard push mower and the riding mower.

The Standard Push MowerEdit

This was used in the movie, but not in the conventional way. It was strapped to the heroes chest and he walks through an entire mob, decimating them.

Push mowers can cause these brutalities to the human body, making it a surefire way the shred the zombie entirely.

The Riding MowerEdit

These things would be used to knock down row upon row of zombies, but will find difficulty as a weapon and will serve more use as a vehicle.


As with all powered weapons, the lawnmower is loud, heavy and runs on oil, which would be put to better use than as a killing fuel. These can cause as much harm to the wielder too.


The blades underneath can be torn off and made into polearms.

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