Lee Enfield
Manufacturer: Various
Weapon Type: Bolt-Action Rifle
Size: Various
Weight: Various
Fire Modes: Bolt-Action
Ammunition: .303 British
Feeding System: 10-round magazine
Rate of Fire: 20-30 rounds/min
Range: 550 yds
Affiliation(s): United Kingdom

The Lee-Enfield are a series of bolt-action rifles and carbines chambered in .303 British that was used by the armed forces of Great Britain and the British Empire/Commonwealth from 1895 until they were replaced by frontline service as an infantry rifle by the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle in 1957.

What makes the Lee-Enfield series unique among military bolt-action rifles is that the rifle has a ten round, detachable box magazine and a "cock on closing" bolt-action (as opposed to the five round internal magazine and "cock on opening" bolt-action found on the Mauser 98 and Springfield M1903 series bolt-action rifles) which allowed the rifle to have a higher rate of fire than Mauser-derived bolt-action rifles.

Even though the Lee-Enfield was removed from frontline service as an infantry rifle, it is still used a second-line/reserve weapon by the armed forces and police in numerous British Commonwealth countries, such as Canada (the Lee-Enfield No.4 series rifles are standard-issue with the Canadian Rangers as of 2012), India, Pakistan, Nepal, and so on. In addition, the Lee-Enfield is still seeing extensive use in numerous conflicts around the world with the current conflict in Afghanistan and the ongoing Naxalite uprising in India being prime examples of the Lee-Enfield's longevity as a battle rifle.

According to The Zombie Survival Guide, the Lee-Enfield is mentioned as one of the best military bolt-action rifles in dealing with zombies. In countries where the legal ownership of semi-automatic rifles among law-abiding citizens are heavily restricted (e.g. Australia and Great Britain), the Lee-Enfield series bolt-action rifles are an ideal anti-zombie firearm due to the rifle's large magazine capacity and its high rate of fire.

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