This is a page for registered users to share their plans for a zombie outbreak. Feel free to post your plan to your plan here.


Please keep these section and its pages casual in tone. Discussion over the plans belongs in the individual discussion page for each user plans. User Plans are not articles in the strictest sense, so moderate relaxation of Zombiepedia policy is allowed. The main rules for this are as follows:

  • No vandalism (goes without saying, but might as well put it here)
  • No stupid posts (I.E. I'm just gonna stay in my house for the lulz)
  • No personal info (I.E. I'm going to 101 Baker St. Anytown, USA and grouping up with my friend Joe Sixpack.) Instead just say what building you are going to (I.E. I'm gonna meet up with my friend, Joe, and go to this abandoned warehouse just outside of the town I live in.)


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