Manufacturer: Various
Weapon Type: Battle Rifle
Size: 44.3 in (1,126 mm)
  • 9.2 lb (4.1 kg) Empty
  • 10.7 lb (5.2 kg) Loaded
  • Fire Modes:
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Full Automatic
  • Ammunition: 7.62×51mm NATO
    Feeding System: 20 Round Magazine
    Rate of Fire: 700–750 rounds/min
    Range: 460 m (500 yd)-800+ m (875+ yd)
    Affiliation(s): Germany

    The M14 is a rifle created by the US. It was created to replace 4 weapons: M1 GarandM1 Carbine, Browning Automatic Rifle, and the M3 submachine gun (AKA grease gun). It is an improved version of the M1 Garand. The M14 is designed primarily for semi-automatic fire and has a selector switch on the shooter's right at the rear of the reciever that allows for full-automatic fire (though it is uncontrollable while firing on full-automatic). Though it's heavy (11 pounds or 4.9895 kilograms while loaded), it is a great weapon for zombies. The weight makes less than ideal as an on-the-run weapon, but it is suitable as a defensive, hunting, overwatch weapon. The US military uses it as a sniper weapon.


    Several M14 variants were developed.


    The civilian version of the M14 is the M1A. The M1A series is the basic M14 rifle with no included accessories. Unable to fire on full-automatic.


    The M21 is an accurized sniper rifle version of the M14, built to tighter tolerances than the standard M14. The M21 is still in use by the US military, though it is being phased out.


    The M25 is another accurized variant of the M14. It uses National Match grade components including barrel, receiver, trigger assembly, spring guide, and a custom built gas cylinder. The barrel is glass bedded to a synthetic McMillan stock and the Advanced Scope Mounting System is manufactured by Brookfield Precision Tool. Originally developed by the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Devens, the M25 was built as a joint services system, meeting the needs of both Army Special Forces and Navy SEAL sniper teams for a semi-automatic sniper rifle built on the same lines as the match-grade M14 and M21 semi-automatic rifles.

    Mk 14 Mod 0 EBREdit

    In 2001, the M14 was upgraded to the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle), featuring the same general firing mechanism, with a lightweight body. Also has a retractable stock and more rails for more optics, lasers, and so on.

    Socom llEdit

    Short barreled, railed, and widely customizable carbine version of the M1A.

    M14 KEdit

    Even shorter version, it's size is similar, if not, the same as the one of an AR-15 with a collapsed stock, giving it a close quarters advantage over the standard long rifle.


    M14-series rifles would be a very good weapon to have when fighting zombies. Early M14s were inaccurate when firing full-automatic (which was one reason it had a short service life as a battle rifle), but they are highly accurate on semi-automatic fire. Virtually all military and civilian M14 models can only fire on semi-auto, which is of added benefit against zombies when automatic fire is useless. Magazines of 10 or 20 rounds have to be rocked-in rather than simply inserted, so loading can be awkward for someone not accustomed to it, especially if they are accustomed to using an M16 rifle. The M14 is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, which is a common medium machine gun and sniper caliber, so rounds could be easily scavenged (be sure to check the grain weight of different bullets, as that can affect accuracy). Note that civilian models are likely to be chambered in .308 Winchester, which is similar but not the same as 7.62 NATO; interchangeability of the two cartridges is possible if desperately needed but can potentially be damaging to the rifle in the long term. Different versions have different, and sometimes changeable, barrel lengths and stock designs that alters weight and overall length. A long barrel, fixed stock, and telescopic sight can make the M14 a long-range marksman rifle, while a short barrel, collapsible stock, and different sight makes it better for closer-range protection and more maneuverable in close quarters.

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