• Saco Defense
  • U.S. Ordnance
  • Weapon Type: General Purpose Machine Gun
    Size: 1,105 mm (43.5 in)
    Weight: 10.5 kg (23.15 lb)
    Fire Modes: Full Automatic
    Ammunition: 7.62×51mm NATO
    Feeding System: Disintegrating Belts & M13 Links
    Rate of Fire: 500–650 rounds/min (rpm)
    Range: 1,200 yd (1,100 m)
    Affiliation(s): United States

    The M60 is a family of general purpose machine guns developed by Saco Defense and U.S. Ordnance in the United States. The M60 was designed as a means of replacing weapons like the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Browning M1919A4.

    It was adopted by the United States Armed Forces by 1957 and would later serve troops sent to fight in the Vietnam War. Since it's introduction, the M60 remains a favorite for many and has undergone various changes over the years.


    The M60 is heavily based on the rapid-firing MG-42 as well as the mobile paratrooper rifle known as the FG-42. The weapon is chambered in the NATO standard 7.62×51mm NATO and fed from M13 linked disintegrating belts. Ammo's usually stored in metal boxes of various amounts. The weapon is only available in full automatic.


    • Excellent fixed gun emplacement for base set up and defense.
    • Ammunition for the weapon is plentiful as are the guns.
    • It's excellent in terms of range


    • Early variants are heavier and can weigh down a person. Lightweight variants like the E3 and E4 models have a reduced amount of weight, but can hamper someone's speed a bit.
    • May have a tendency to jam.


    • The M60 is one of the iconic weapons seen in the hands of fictional Green Beret and Vietnam War Veteran John Rambo. He carried an early model in Rambo: First Blood and an M60E3 in Rambo: First Blood Part 2.
    • The M60E3 was also seen in the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1985 film Commando and by Bill Duke in the 1987 film Predator.

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