The MBA are a group of zombie aliens found in the Lobo Webseries. They come from the Interstellar Managers Planet.


Helping Sunny JimEdit

The MBA encountered an escaped con with a bounty on his head named Sunny Jim. They decided to help Sunny kill Lobo. However, Lobo was able to kill, shoot and attack every MBA.


The MBA have been outnumbered by the Main Man and he has killed about a hundred of them. However, the race is still alive and nowhere to be found.


Quotes (Translated)Edit

  • "Greetings. We are the MBA."
  • "Hey, boss. You recognize the round-head? He's an escaped con with a bounty on his head!"
  • "Let's turn him in, boss! Whaddya say? We need the cash!!!"
  • "Ah. Are you Lobo, the galaxy's most famous skip-tracer?"
  • "Are you looking for Sunny Jim?"
  • "I just met him."


Lobo Ep3 Pit stop03:07

Lobo Ep3 Pit stop


  • The MBA's vocal effects are by Tom Kenny.

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