• Mauser Werke AG
  • Wilhelm-Gustloff-Stiftung
  • Steyr-Daimler-Puch
  • Weapon Type: General Purpose Machine Gun
    Size: 1,220 mm (48 in)
    Weight: 11.57 kg (25.51 lb)
    Fire Modes: Full Automatic
    Ammunition: 7.92×57mm Mauser
    Feeding System:
  • 50 Round Drum
  • 250 Round Belt
  • Rate of Fire: 900-1,500 rpm
    Range: 200–2,000 m (219–2,187 yd)
    Affiliation(s): Germany

    The MG-42 ("Maschinengewehr 42" or "Machine Gun 1942") was a general purpose machine gun produced by Nazi, Germany during World War 2. The MG-42 was the answer to the problems of German war manufacturers as they found it more expensive to mass produce the machined parts necessary to make the MG-34. They began experimenting with designs that utilized sheet metal which not only was cheap, but also effective.

    Upon the introduction of MG-42, German troops had praised the weapon on it's incredibly high rate of fire. By the end of World War 2, many countries adopted the MG-42's design and incorporated it into their own armaments. It has also seen action on the modern battlefields of the 21st century and spawned variations such as the 7.62mm NATO Rheinmetall MG-3.


    The MG-42 is a rapid-fire reaper, composed of sheet metals that contributed to it's high rate of fire. The maximum standard rate of fire was 1,200 rpm, however with different bolts, the weapon could go from 900 rounds to that of 1,500 rounds. It was feared by it's opposition and nicknamed "Hitler's Buzzsaw" and many troops lost their lives to it.

    The weapon's standard ammunition is the 7.92×57mm Mauser which was used in rifles like the MG-34, Kar98k, FG-42, MG-81, etc. The weapon fires from drums containing up to 50 rounds, but there are some dual magazines that give it an extra 50 rounds. It also uses a disintegrating 250 round link belt as well. The main weakness of the MG-42 is that the weapon fires faster than the barrel's capable of cooling down and waiting for it to cool may be a problem. The idea that German troops had were to carry extra barrels to swap out when reloading and therefore, reduce the amount of time it took for the gun to cool.


    • MG-42 is really good for taking on hordes due to it's full automatic fire. This is due to the fact that the rounds it fires may hit their heads or even slow them down long enough for the survivors to escape.
    • The Mauser ammunition is as powerful as the 7.62mm ammunitions used by NATO and some other nations.
    • Excellent for fixed gun emplacements in terms of base set up and defense.


    • MG-42s are only capable of full automatic fire and therefore make them unreliable in terms of accuracy. Though single shots are possible, they are very difficult and time consuming.
    • The extra parts needed for the gun to work such as ammo and barrels may slow down the user.
    • The Mauser ammo is used by hunters, however not all hunters use it's ammo, so it may not be as common.

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