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The major source for the information of this outbreak was provided by Allie Goodwin, a crane operator at this Southern California shipyard, and her twenty-four-frame disposable camera. An unmarked container was offloaded from the SS Mare Caribe, a Panamanian-flagged freighter out of Davao City, from the Philippines. After it sat for about a week awaiting pickup, a watchman heard sounds from the container. He and several guards, thinking it to be full of illegal immigrants, popped the container open, only to be eaten alive by about forty-six zombies that were inside. The other personell quickly scrambled for shelter in the warehouses, office buildings, and anywhere else they thought was safe - and, while some buildings provided adequate shelter for the night, others became deathtraps. Allie, along with three other crane operators, quickly climbed into their machines, and helped create an ad-hoc fortress compromised of shipping crates, saving thirteen other workers from a grisly fate of cannibalization/zombification. After they did that, they used the cranes for offensive purposes, grabbing crates and dropping them on any zombies they could. By the time the police finally arrived (since entrance was prevented from multiple locked gates), they put down the eleven remaining zombies in a hail of gunfire (with eleven lucky headshots, of course). About twenty humans were cannibalized that night, and the zombie dead tallied to about thirty-nine. The seven unnaccounted for were presumably knocked into the harbor, and washed out to sea.

And, as usual,cover ups were made news stories reported the incident as a break-in, the government refused to release any statements, and almost all parties involved- including the security company that had eight of its employees literally torn to shreds has remained silent on the issue - (the original container of also vanished, and the SS Mare Caribe also denies any knowledge of its contents). Goodwin's photos and statement was branded as a hoax, and she would later be fired for "psychological incompetance" of the 

Comment: There have been other reports of un-dead attacks in LA gangs who went to honor a fellow member and joined forces with allii and enemy,gangs to take down a warehouse full of zombies

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