private military contractors, in Iraq 2003.

Mercenaries are a type of faction in the zombie universe. These people have decided to profit from the crisis while surviving on their own. These people are trained killers that are paid to fight. In a zombie apocalypse, mercenaries and contract soldiers thrive in this universe. But watch out for some of them might be able to raid you or kill you

Mercenary tactics and how to thriveEdit

Training: Mercenaries are highly trained killers that sometimes you can trust. If you want to profit from the crisis, you have to be highly trained in gun specializing, martial arts, explosives etc.

Advertising: In a crisis, finding work is hard to do. Use a ham radio to get your word out. If anybody can reach you, make sure they give you their location and make sure they have the dough to get you by or supplies they can give you. If you want to be more quiet and avoid alluring zombies by the radio broadcast, you can use posters or graffiti instead.

Weapons: You'll need weapons if you want to be good at what you do. A good weapon is an M4 Carbine or a Remington 870 shotgun. If you can't find any, a good hunting rifle or a small submachine gun will work. Make sure you can back your reputation up before you can gain anything. If you really, really can't afford a firearm or you're living in an area where guns are illegal, you can use a sledgehammer or a two handed axe instead.

Numbers: You can't just fight on your own. If your being paid to fight a raider gang, you basically signed your own death warrant. Or you'll be outnumbered by zombies in a fight. Make sure you have a couple friends or more to back you up.

Payment: In a crisis, moneys probably wouldn't have any use. The best kind of payment you should ask for would be foods or water, as these two are your basic needs for staying alive. Aside from edible resources, ammo can be used as a makeshift currency, as they have a value of being able to shoot down zombies.

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