During a zombie outbreak or full out apocalypse, military agencies would be a crucial asset to survival. Working in cohesion, they are a lethal destructive force capable of hunting down and exterminating zombie hoards. The price is the massive amounts of equipment, weapons and supplies needed to maintain them.

Army effectivenessEdit

A country with a strong army will have a much higher chance of containing the spread of zombies, or destroying entirely, where as smaller armies may be forced to retreat, or overwhelmed.

The standard infantry man has had hours of combat training and armed with the deadliest killing machines humans can devise; the destructive firepower of today's armed forces is devastating beyond the comprehension of anyone who has not witnessed it first hand. At least against human target.

Threats a zombie horde would pose to a modern army would be sheer numbers, morale damage and lack of mobilisation. With this said it must be acknowledged that the fight would be challenging (due to many possible unforeseen events) and would require tremendous amounts of munitions and supplies which would have to be regularly supplied to the fighting forces.

Regular armed forces would likely not appear in small or quickly deal-with outbreaks. Rather special teams would be sent to disperse these, to prevent it being seen as a 'military operation'.

During a zombie apocalypse, the army may retreat to a more geographically defendable areas to regroup, rearm, resupply, and retrain their soldiers to match the current situation. This phase is where the army would be at it's weakest, because they are mainly disorganised and if they can't find a staging area, they will be wiped out.

Vehicles owned by the army, like trucks, Humvees and ATVs will be very useful in transporting supplies and carrying troops to the battlefield, and will be used more than tanks, which has limited usage now, if none.

Navy effectivenessEdit

The navy forces would be a vital asset to any country during a zombie crisis. Large destroyers and aircraft carriers are literally floating cities with the ability to stay at sea for weeks at a time with the ability to hold limited amounts of survivors. The naval forces could be used for search and rescue missions, reconnaissance and patrolling the boarders to keep possible infected refugees from landing ashore.

During an attack scenario the navy would be used primarily for coastal bombardment, landings and as safe landing pads for aircraft.

Air Force effectivenessEdit

During smaller classed outbreaks, the Air Force would be used for insertions and extractions and search and destroy missions. Modern bombers and helicopters would "vaporize" undead targets before the army moves in.

In larger outbreaks aircraft would more likely be used to bomb infested cities or collapse bridges to prevent the further spread of the infection. But in later stages the Air Force would focus it's resources to maintain their transportation assets (transport aircrafts) as airstrikes deemed innefective.

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