If in a quarantined area and you fear you or a close friend or family member who you are unable (or unwilling) to abandon do not attempt to break free and risk exacerbating the situation (remember containment is the best defence). Instead delay escape plans for at least 24 hours, if no symptoms appear continue as normal. Similarly do not allow any groups you suspect to be infected until you are sure the are clean. No matter what your your previous relationship with infected persons (deceased or otherwise) they must be terminated.

Raiding or looting Edit

If you choose this perticular path then the general rules do not apply. When raiding other survivors a moral code is somewhat redundant, remember that raiders and looters will be prosecuted if normality is restored.

Group moralityEdit

Always maintain healthy morality when with a long term group and ensure violators are punished if rules are broken, again you must decide what punishments are appropriate.

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