Television SeriesEdit

Morgan Jones evacuated with his wife Jenny and his son Duane following the outbreak. Their plan was to head

Morgan Jones (TV Series)

Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones (Comic Series)

for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a "walker" attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick Grimes' hometown of King County, Georgia.

Comic SeriesEdit

Morgan Jones was the father of Duane Jones and husband of Jenny Jones who had lost his family in the undead apocalypse.



Morgan Jones and his son Duane first encountered Rick Grimes outside his looted neighborhood in small town of Cynthiana. Duane knocked the unsuspecting survivor in the back of the head with a shovel, as he and his father had naturally assumed he was another zombie. Morgan realized he wasn't, and brought Rick into a bed in his neighbor's house, which happened to be where the pair were hiding in an attempt to ride out the zombie apocalypse.

Upon Rick's awakening, Morgan and Rick instantly formed a friendship as Morgan brought him up to speed on the current events as best as he could, which subsequently introduced the previously confused Rick to the reality of the epidemic upon the country. He also tipped Rick off to the government gathering the population in the major cities, which gave Rick hope to continue to Atlanta to find Lori and Carl.

Rick then formed the idea of traveling to the local police station, which Rick still had the keys for, to gather supplies. Morgan drove him over and Rick provided the pair with weapons and other supplies in exchange for their kindness and help. Rick also offered them the keys to one of the two police squad sedans parked, much to Morgan's thanks. After Rick established his dedication to travel to Atlanta, the two then part ways, one day hoping to meet each other again.

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