A Mosin Nagant 1891.

The Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action rifle that fires the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, and is the second best thing to ever come out of Russia. It was adopted into service by Russia in 1891. It is fed from a fixed magazine that holds five rounds. It can be loaded quickly by the use of stripper clips. It is known for its extremely high reliability. Its barrel is 32.5 inches long. A bayonet can quickly be mounted. (Note: The rear sight on older rifles is marked with arshins; 1 arshin is 28 inches) The original M1891 rifle was updated in 1930, thus the new model was designated M91/30. The name Mosin-Nagant was brought about by western writings, as the rifle was never named this in Russia. In Russia, the rifle is formally known as Vintovka Mosina (Rifle of Mosin).

In 2012 this rifle can be had for around $130, great price for a main battle rifle! Just remember that not every Mosin-Nagant is of the same quality. Rifles range from mint to worn. When buying, look through the rack of Mosin-Nagants and pick the best ones.


  • M91/30 - This is the most common model. It is basically the same as the M1891 except it barrel is 29 inches long, and its rear sight is marked with meters.
  • M38 - Carbine variant with 20.2 inch barrel.
  • M44 - Same as M38, but it has a folding bayonet.

Pros and consEdit


  • Extremely reliable.
  • The rifle is quite cheap.
  • Ammo is very cheap, especially if surplus ammuntion is available in your area.
  • Can mount a bayonet.
  • Can be used as a club if need be.
  • A 7.62x54mmR bullet can go through a 1/2 of steel at 300 yards.
  • 5 round magazine promotes ammo conservation.


  • A heavy rifle, at 8 pounds (3.6287 kilograms), this is both a pro and a con.
  • Stiff, ratcheting bolt can be difficult for those unaccustomed to it. The bolt will click twice before you can move it back (watch the video below on one way to help overcome that problem).
  • For use as a long range rifle, it is difficult to produce 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards under normal circumstances .
  • Slow to reload unless using stripper clips.
  • The short-barreled M38 and M44 variants are very loud and also have harsh recoil. The felt recoil can be made softer by purchasing a recoil pad online.
  • Using surplus ammo in an M38 or M44 is not recommended. Surplus 7.62x54mmR ammo is not optimized for the shorter 20.2 inch carbine barrels. When those bullets leave the muzzle of a 20.2 inch barrel, they've still got burning powder behind them which blows out of the barrel and produces a dazzling blossom of flame. It also subjects the shooter to a grenade-like concussion.
    Mosin Nagant Sticky Bolt Fix05:05

    Mosin Nagant Sticky Bolt Fix

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