A movie theater may be a good place to hold up in a zombie apocalypse due to the large number of people it can hold at once even before the apocalypse began. It also has plenty of food for a large number of people so you will not have to worry about food if you secure a movie theater. It is not recommended that you start playing a movie unless there are no zombies within hearing range; unless you find a way to turn down the volume enough so only you
Movie Theater
can hear it. If zombies have already gotten inside the theater, you should eliminate them before securing the theater. If the theater is not part of a mall and is a single giant building with a large parking lot, you will have access to the roof for a chance to escape the zombies should the theater get overrun.


A movie theater will have plenty of food for almost a month so you will not have to search for food; only other supplies, weapons and ammunition.

A selected number of movies will provide entertainment. However, unless you can lower the volume, it is not recommended to watch movies if there are zombies in the area due to most, if not all, movies being played at a very high volume level.

A movie theater with its own building will have access to the roof for an extra escape route so long as you have something to safely glide down to the surface.


A movie theater will have a number of entrances and exits, making it hard to barricade the building.

A movie played at a high volume will attract zombies within hearing range.

Survivors may have already looted the theater of all food.

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