The National Society for the Prevention of Zombie Attacks is a British organisation aiming to convey the abilities of zombie survivalists from around the UK in order to aid the defenceless. It is their duty to protect, educate and arm the people in the event of a zombie pandemic. With the training and resources of the NSPZA, it is hoped to give civilians the capacity and abilities necessary to survive, and eventually, counterattack the undead threat.

What They DoEdit

The NSPZA design and manufacture weapons which will aid in the fight against a zombie attack. They then take the results and post them on the internet. Their extensive research department has projects working on both anti-viruses, cheap and effective weapons for common distribution, and military-grade technology to combat the undead threat.

How to joinEdit

More info later on. Once a full member of the NSPZA you will be under their full protection, and in the event of widespread infection, directions to the nearest NSPZA cache and bunker will be given. Desire to join should be mentioned on the discussion page until further information is given.

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