Nagant M1895
Manufacturer: Various
Weapon Type: Revolver
Size: 10.5 in (235 mm)
Weight: 1.8 lb (80 grams)
Fire Modes: Single/double action
Ammunition: 7.62x38mmR
Feeding System: 7 round cylinder
Rate of Fire: 7 rounds/minute
Range: 46 metres
Affiliation(s): various

The Nagant M1895 revolver was designed by Belgian gun designer, Leon Nagant, for use in the Belgian army and police force. It was adopted by the Imperial Russian Army as their main sidearm. It fired a unique gas sealed 7.62x38mmR round from a 7 round cylinder. It was replaced by the Soviet made Tokarev TT-33 in the 1930s, however models of the revolver were used throughout World War 2 and the Vietnam War as well as into the present day.

Pros Edit

  • Lightweight design
  • Large capacity for a revolver
  • It is less noisy in comparison to other revolvers and can use a sound supressor due to it's gas seal system.

Cons Edit

  • Slow reload
  • Short range
  • Original ammunition is hard to find

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