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Nambu Type 14
Manufacturer: Nagoya Arsenal
Weapon Type: Pistol
Size: 9.06 in (230 mm)
Weight: 898.11 g (1.98 lbs)
Fire Modes: semi-automatic
Ammunition: 8x22mm Nambu
Feeding System: 8 rounds, detachable
Rate of Fire: 30 rounds/minute
Range: 50 meters maximum effective
Affiliation(s): Imperial Japan

The Type 14 Nambu is a semi automatic pistol manufactured between 1906-1945. It was commonly used by the Imperial Japanese Army. It was chambered in the 8x22mm Nambu round.

Pros: Edit

  • Lightweight design


  • Not manufactured for over 70 years
  • Ammunition produced by a single supplier and individual handloaders
  • Finding a suitable holster would be almost impossible
  • Low magazine capacity
  • Underpowered ammunition

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