NecroTech (abbreviated to NT) is a large scientific company which has various laboratories scattered across the suburbs of Malton. They specialise in technology related to the recent zombie infestation in Malton, including procedures and equipment for restoring victims to their former state, and the location and tracking of zombies.

NecroTech is most notable in Malton due to the higher profile of its activities there, but rumors indicate that their influence spreads far beyond the walls of the border. Names of projects, spelled Projects, drift in and out of consciousness, to say nothing of the fact that internal NecroTech memos post-Outbreak all refer to the Outbreak itself as a Project. NecroTech's actual relation to the Outbreak and, indeed, the extent of their history in the past, has yet to be discovered fully, and whether their ultimate intent is malign, benign, or sublime, no one can tell.

Characters who have the NecroTech Employment skill are able to distinguish NecroTech laboratories from other office buildings from the outside; characters not employed by NecroTech cannot make a distinction without entering the building. NT offices have a logo in the foyer that is visible to all players, living or dead. Those with the Necronet Access skill are able to track the locations of any zombies nearby to a Necrotech building, and also to revive zombies with brain rot.

Any survivor can search NT buildings for DNA extractors and revivification syringes, although neither of these items can be used without appropriate training.

Various sub-groups are still active in Malton, some defending Necrotech buildings as revive points, some continuing the Necrotech research projects.

NecroTech is mentioned in a number of News Stories.

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