NecroTech Revivification Syringe [1]: Used to revive a zombie. Reviving a zombie requires the Lab Experience skill, 10 AP, and earns 10 XP. Syringes are single-use items; they can be found in NecroTech buildings, or created for 20 AP in a powered NecroTech building through the use of the NecroNet Access skill. It is worth noting that characters without the Lab Experience skill can find syringes even though they cannot use them.

A revived zombie appears as a dead body to others, except players with the Scent Death skill, to which they appear under a separate count as smelling strange. The revived zombie stands up as a human with half of their normal HP. The character must stand up before performing any other action, usually at a cost of 10 AP, less with Ankle Grab.

A zombie with brain rot can only be revived by survivors with the NecroNet Access skill, and then only if inside a NecroTech building with a functioning power generator. Using a NecroTech Syringe on a Brain Rotted zombie, other than in a powered NecroTech building will use up the syringe but will not revive the zombie. It is possible to revive a zombie without Brain Rot occupying the same square as a Brain Rotted zombie, as multiple syringe uses or DNA extractions move down the zombie stack.

Using a syringe on yourself or another survivor results in a message that revivification only works on the recently dead; no AP is used in this case.

Since the update following the defeat of Mall Tour '06 during the second siege of Caiger Mall, syringes cost 10 AP to use, and zombies with scent trail are able to see the survivor's position, as the syringes now take longer to work.

Note: Formerly, syringes restored a zombie to survivor status with half of the HP he or she had as a zombie immediately prior to revival (rounded down). The ex-zombie was left standing, without any action necessary from the controlling player, leading to many re-deaths when inactive players were revived. The "Mark 1" was withdrawn for this reason; as of 2007 there were practically none left in Malton. .

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