New World Pharmaceuticals Group is a pharmaceutical company in the Zombie Apocalypse series by Stephen Jones.

History Edit

Introduced in the novel Zombie Apocalypse:Fight Back this company was known for shady business practices and illegal research (much like the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil series). On the surface they seem like a company dedicated to helping the world but they were far from it; the company used people against their will to work on a cure for the virus plaguing the world. Examples of their inhumane experiments were mentioned in Fight Back and the results of the experiments created stronger zombies. In the novel End Game it was revealed the company was started by Thomas Moreby because he used time travel to alter history to start the zombie apocalypse in different time lines.

Known Employees Edit

Doctor Claire Freemont- Doctor Freemont was a human scientist but ended up being used for inhumane experiments. Later she became an intelligent zombie who created human zombie hybrids as well as unintentionally creating a zombie religion. Doctor Freemont was a Hematologist.

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