The way zombies are portrayed in film might not just be for entertainment nor a metaphor for communism. However, a strong connection between animal rights and zombies can be seen in The Night of the Living Dead directed by George Romero. Similarities between Man and Animal Romero makes the audience aware that humans are not unique compared to animals. First, he expresses this by the radio broadcast. The reporter describes the ghouls as “animal-like”. These “animal-like” ghouls used to be human and mimic the appearance of a human. This causes the viewer to mesh the concept of animal and man together. The ending scene also shows Ben mistakenly getting shot. The officers simply could not distinguish the difference between human and the “animal-like” creatures. Romero creates a concept that animals are very similar to humans. Revenge Humans consume animal flesh everywhere around the world. Western Societies (or perhaps just the United States) uses an abundance of factory farming to supply consumers with animal flesh. Typically, factory farmed animals are not treated humanely because the farms are usually overcrowded and their food is not a compound that they can digest properly. These methods are used only for the huge profits that big businesses gain. If these animals don’t end up on your dinner plate, they usually end up dying of disease or undergo malnutrition.

Everyday humans are consuming animal products in a disturbing way such as factor farming. Could it be that these “animal-like” creatures in Night of the Living Dead are a way of revenge for animals for years of cruelty in these farms? Instead of the human beings being the predator, it is switched to the other way around, so that the “animal-like” ghoul that is eating the human. Also in a violent, inhumane way, such as some methods of factor farming. When a human is getting eaten alive by these creatures we’re able to watch the victim’s reaction. In this way we’re able to understand how the animal is feeling in such conditions of factory farming. Perhaps the animal is taking revenge on humans for our constant abuse on animal flesh.

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