Operation: Darwin was a plan to exterminate humanity and take over the world. This takes place in the book Zombie Apocalypse: Fight Back after the zombies get smart.

Anti-Human CampaignEdit

This Operation seems to have started in Southern California and many of the main targets is members of the Human Resistance Movement. What gave the undead an upper hand was the Memory Transfer Strain of the Human Reanimation Virus; the dead infected with this strain eat the brains of soldiers and they gained their memories.

Known SupportersEdit

Major General Dawson- A zombie general who led the main attacks in Southern California but loses morale and is targeted by the other zombies

Thomas Moreby- "Patient Zero" of the zombie apocalypse and main zombie.

James Moreby- a sentient zombie who took over the White House.


The operation eventually failed as many of the undead soldiers lost morale as they realized they would have no food source and they gained human feelings from their memories plus the humans got more organized.

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