The Pancor Jackhammer was a prototype bullpup full auto shotgun. It featured a rotating revolver type magazine that held ten 12-gauge shells. If you want to use one in the apocalypse, good luck finding one. There is an element of unreality in featuring the Jackhammer in any context, as the weapon never made it past prototype stage; only two guns were ever made. Those two guns had problems with magazine grooves needing to be manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for the weapon to cycle correctly; typically, the
Pancor Jackhammer design

The Pancor Jackhammer

 guns could only manage two or three shots sequentially before failing to cycle. The weapon's design was also cumbersome and uncomfortable to shoot. A well-known fact is that more Jackhammers have appeared in fiction than ever existed in real life.

The Jackhammer was designed in 1984 by John A. Anderson, founder of Pancor Industries, which was based out of New Mexico. Apparently, there were several foreign governments that were interested in the design, even going so far as to order initial production units once they had been readied for shipping. The design was held up for production due to testing by the US Department of Defense and it was eventually rejected. With no customers and little interest in the design, Pancor Industries soon went bankrupt, and all of their assets were sold off, including the prototypes that had been constructed.

The Jackhammer had a fire rate of 240 rounds per minute, and weighed 4.57 kilograms. It had a length of 78.7 centimetres, with a barrel length of 52.5 centimetres. The weapon's method of rotation utilised an operating rod to rotate the cylinder, a method also used by the Webley-Fosbery semi-automatic revolver. The Jackhammer was also classified as a machine gun under the National Firearms Act of 1934.


  • Very high rate of fire for a shotgun (240 rounds per minute).
  • Last model in existence can fire standard 12-gauge cartridges


  • No functional models exist, except for a semi-finished toolroom prototype.
  • No functional cylinders exist.
  • Very high rate of fire leads to ammo depletion.
  • Small magazine size for an automatic weapon (10 rounds).

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