Patient Zero is a science fiction and bio-terrorism thriller written by Jonathan Maberry. This book deals with a deadly biological weapon that turns people into flesh eating zombies.


The book opens up with police detective Joseph "Joe" Edwin Ledger being braced at Ocean City beach in Maryland by FBI agents. He is later taken to a warehouse that used to be a terrorist base where he meets a very mysterious figure known as "Mr. Church".  He is told about an ultra-secret counter-terrorism group called the "Department of Military Sciences" and it is revealed that they have all his records (everything from school to bank to military records) . He is then told to cuff a "man" in another room; once in he goes to arrest this "man" and it is revealed that this person is Javad Mustpha and he was "killed" a few days earlier. Then Joe snaps Javad's neck stopping him; later he is told about a bio-terror weapon that creates zombies. Later he is taken back to the beach.

After that he picks up his friend and threapist Dr. Rudy Sanchez and they head to a state park where Joe tells Rudy about the zombie and the DMS. Rudy tells Joe to take Mr. Church's advice about not looking for proof about him or the DMS. However he does and when he is supposed to got to a hearing he gets a call about how everything was cleared which Joe is shocked about because you always have to go in person. After this Joe finds out that his friend is missing and a note was left in his care with the address of the warehouse. He is cleared through and Mr. Church has one of his soldiers hold a gun up to his head. This is where Joe meets Major Grace Courtland who is a former SAS member and a semi-permanent loan to the DMS. Then Mr. Church walks in and he is told by him that two more terrorist cells are found. He is told that a new team is being formed and he is one of the people to try to become captain. Rudy is freed and Joe meets several people: First Sergeant Bradley Sims, CPO Skip Tyler, Lt. Oliver Brown, Lt. Colonel Hanley and Harvey Rabbit (Marine Force Recon). These people are to decide who becomes to team leader, then Joe beats the crap out of them and is made team leader and he is told that these people are his team. Then Joe is briefed on the mission of the DMS and the zombie contagion. Later on "Echo team" goes on a mission to a meat packing plant where they find scientists experimenting on children. After a gun battle the children are freed are and are identified by the FBI.

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