A pawn shop is an excellent space for a small (two or three at an absolute maximum) place to set up a base. This is due to the supplies held inside it, the often natural defences it has, such as metal shutters for the windows and the fact that there is often roof access. However, depending how long it has been since the apocalypse, most of the equipment could already have been taken by other survivors. Should one decide to make a pawn shop one's base, it has to be barricaded well. If other survivors arrive after the pawn shop is turned into a base, they may try to invade.

Pawn shop


  • An untouched pawn shop will have a lot of equipment for survivors to use.
  • They often have metal mesh dividing the employee section from the buying floor. This is an excellent place to set up sleeping bags.
  • They often have metal shutters that can be lowered over windows, especially in neighborhoods that were less well off before the outbreak.
  • There could be, although very unlikely, food inside.
  • They tend to be near locations that can contain other useful supplies.
  • Roof access is useful for the setting up of elevated gardens, or spying infected from a distance.


  • Pawn shops obviously contain many useful things, and so may have been looted.
  • Most pawn shops have only one floor, and thus escaping from zombies becomes really hard, however some may have roof access.
  • Pawn shops often have a wall made almost entirely from windows, thus making them very easy for the undead to break in. This can be mitigated by the aformentioned shutters.