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A pawn shop is a good place to set up a base due to the tools and items that can help a survivor. However, depending how long it has been since the apocalypse, most of the equipment could already have been taken by other survivors. Should one decide to make a pawn shop one's base, it has to be barricaded well. If other survivors arrive after the pawn shop is turned into a base, they may try to invade.

Pawn shop


  • An untouched pawn shop will have a lot of equipment for survivors to use.
  • There could be, although very unlikely, food inside.


  • Pawn shops obviously contain many useful things, and so may have been looted.
  • Most pawn shops have only one floor, and thus escaping from zombies becomes really hard.
  • Pawn shops often have a wall made almost entirely from windows, thus making them very easy for the undead to break in.

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