A pharmacy, otherwise known as a drugstore, is a section of a larger store or a completely independent building that creates and sells many different kinds of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, like painkillers and antibiotics, as well as other medical necessities, like bandages and hydrogen peroxide, to those who need them.

A pharmacy is an average place to hold out, due to the fact that it will be a target to many who are searching for medicine. However the store may have already been looted by others who have gotten to the pharmacy first.



  • If one arrives when the store is completely untouched, they will have access to all the medicine still available
  • Food and drinks are usually sold in pharmacies as well, allowing for basic supplies other than medicine to be found
  • To protect against thieves, many pharmacies have hefty security, like steel shutters over the windows and doors
  • If one is somehow able to acquire the treasures found inside a pharmacy, they will be able to sell them for a high price to local buyers willing to give anything for them


  • Someone using this building as a base gives them the new threat that a needy group in search of medicine may try to invade
  • Pharmacies are usually found within specific stores, and malls
  • In the event of civil unrest, pharmacies are often targeted early on by looters looking for drugs
  • During the early stages, prescription drugs will probably be the first to go because of their quality, value, and potency

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