A pizzeria is, as the humble reader might have guessed, a restaurant where pizza is made and sold. These are generally not very good places to try to hold out during a zombie apocalypse. This is mainly because they don't offer much, benefit wise, to anyone who would decide to select it as their base of operations.



  • The kiln used to cook the pizzas will likely still be usable, enabling those who survive in a pizzeria to cook food without the use of electricity
  • Cooking utensils and silverware will be plentiful in a pizzeria
  • Tables and chairs can be used as effective barricades
  • If the pizzeria is a fast food restaurant, it will be more likely that the food items stored there are canned instead of fresh, making them more preserved


  • All of the ingredients, unless they are canned, will most likely be spoiled by the time anyone tries to make a pizzeria their new home
  • A pizzeria does not offer much space for farming and other types of agriculture
  • Those who choose to live in a pizzeria will have to obtain fuel, such as charcoal or regular wood, to cook their food
  • Small buildings like pizzerias are not easily defensible