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Plane interior

The interior of a commercial plane

Plane interiors are a relatively un-safe place to be in a zombie apocalypse, as the aisle acts as an effective chokepoint, and it has few entrances.

Tips For SurvivalEdit


A planes cockpit

If you can, try to seek refuge inside a commercial or cargo plane, and make sure that the cockpit is secure, with at least a locked steel door, as it is the most secure place in the plane, but without as many escape routes compared to the cabin, with the wing escape routes. A crashed plane should not be considered, as the structure is unsafe, and would be easier to access for zombies or Bandits.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

The advantages of a commercial plane, is that it is very easy to secure and, in the case of a breach, easy to clear. Remove most of the seats, so your safe room has more room for supplies. Some disadvantages are that in a breach, it is difficult to escape. There also is very little room inside planes. The advantages of a cargo plane are almost the same as a commercial plane, but there is more room for supplies.

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