Plane interior

The interior of a commercial plane

Plane interiors are a relatively un-safe place to be in a zombie apocalypse, as the aisle acts as an effective chokepoint, and it has few entrances.

Tips For SurvivalEdit


A planes cockpit

If you can, try to seek refuge inside a commercial or cargo plane, and make sure that the cockpit is secure, with at least a locked steel door, as it is the most secure place in the plane, but without as many escape routes compared to the cabin, with the wing escape routes. A crashed plane should not be considered, as the structure is unsafe, and would be easier to access for zombies or Bandits.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

The advantages of a commercial plane, is that it is very easy to secure and, in the case of a breach, easy to clear. Remove most of the seats, so your safe room has more room for supplies. They already have weapons which will range from the air marshall's gun to the pilot's fire axe. Some disadvantages are that in a breach, it is difficult to escape. There also is very little room inside planes. The advantages of a cargo plane are almost the same as a commercial plane, but there is more room for supplies.


Zombies in the Plane Interiors

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